Weekend inspiration: Following the map

(Image courtesy of Awesome Maps via Kickstarter)

Paper maps rock.

Sure, a GPS unit, your smart phone or your car system can get you where you are going, and Google Maps can tell a lot about the route and destination, but there is something about a physical map. A good road map lays out the options and can bring order to chaos. A topo can tell you a story about your trip before you even go. I have a copy of the map created by William Clark, following the Lewis and Clark expedition, hanging on my wall. I love tracing the rivers, the mountains. I am fascinated with what he was able to create.

Now, a Kickstarter project is working to create a new Bucket list map: “Putting the awesome back in maps.”

Developed by two Germans, Simon Schuetz and and illustrator Lars Seiffert (“We’re German, we’ve got beards, and we’re making maps awesome again!”), the map will contain, in the words of its creators, “The world’s most awesome sights, smells, sounds and eats on a beautifully illustrated world map. Must-sees like the Golden Gate Bridge, and path-less-traveled gems like base jumping into the world’s deepest cave.” (You see “awesome” a lot on their page.)

According to Slate: “The map is a more ambitious follow-up to the team’s previous three world maps, which focus on surfing, snowboarding, and soccer, respectively. Some might object that it bespeaks a privileged outlook to paint the world as a playground for recreational activities, to the exclusion of practicalities and political and cultural complications. But there are plenty of other maps out there that do the opposite. And that’s the thing—amateur maps like these don’t have to appeal to everyone, or take into account every possible objection.”

So, check out their project and then grab a paper map and start planning an adventure…


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