Ouch: Photography not all fun and games

Being an outdoor photographer sounds like a ton of fun — travel, take images of amazing places, follow incredible wildlife and get to watch amazing athletes do their thing.

Well, it isn’t all fun and games. For all the upsides, it is still a job with myriad problems, headaches both figurative and, as photographer Dawn Kish shows us, literal.


Photo courtesy of Dawn Kish via Arizona Highways

From Arizona Highways:

You’ve seen photographer Dawn Kish’s work in our magazine. She’s a fantastically talented photographer, always willing (and ready) to do what it takes to get the shot. In this case, she may have gone a little too far. Find out what happened to her below:

Wow, those are some shiners! What happened?
I smashed my face with my camera in a big ol’ Grand Canyon rapid. I just got a new underwater housing for my camera and was so excited to shoot in the rapids. I was too busy trying to get the shot and didn’t hold on tight. We hit a big hole, and wham. I hit the cooler with my camera in front of my face. Ouch!

Full disclosure: My wife is a professional photographer, and I wish I had 1/10th her talent with a camera.

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