Enormocast talks with Henry Barber

Henry Barber. (Photo by Anne Skidmore / anneskidmore.com via climbing.com)

Chris Kalous (Photo via eveningsends.com)

Chris Kalous has developed a really solid bank of episodes over at the Enormocast,

His talks with Hayden Kennedy, Alex Honnald, Kelly Cordes, Kate Rutherford, Cedar Wright and Brendan Leonard, among many others, touch on all aspects of climbing and have a laid back style that really lets you get to know the interview  subjects. Kalous’s interview skills have improved over the 40 episodes, and he has a knack for drawing out some epic tales.

Episode 39 with Henry Barber* is a great example of what he does well. Long stretches go by where he lets Barber hold forth but then Kalous will move the conversation into a new direction or share a personal anecdote that adds to the program.

Give it a listen, and, if you enjoy what you hear, subscribe to it in iTunes and listen to the back episodes on your next roadtrip onto the backcountry.

* A little about Henry Barber: On Episode 39 of the Enormocast, me and Henry Barber nurse mild hangovers and sit down to talk about his 45 years of climbing. In the 70s, neither your crag nor your women were safe from Hot Henry’s talents. Henry rode the wave of clean climbing and free climbing in the 70s into history with famous trips to Australia where he blew the lid off the grades, and Dresden, Germany where he learned barefoot climbing and sling craft. Listen and learn the old ways from a master.

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