Mountain Hardwear’s ‘Days You Remember’ series

It is a beautiful — if not super sunny — spring day here in Washington, D.C., and I am stuck inside working on my real job.

Luckily I have some time between tasks to spend some time outside virtually.

Outdoor manufacturer Mountain Hardwear has started posting a new series of videos centered around the “Days You Remember.”

The videos consist of cut together scenes and moments, with each focusing on a topic (Adventure, Horizons, etc.).


Video: Arches and Canyonlands national parks timelapse

Coming home from a quick vacation in the South to visit family, we are living again with snow.

About 6 inches fell overnight. We are done. Done with winter. Done with snow.

Ready for spring, to plant the garden and to spend time outside — in warm weather.

Until then, this video from Roadtrippers will have to do. Enjoy.

Video: Devin Supertramp’s ‘Sky Racers’

Devin Super Tramp (a.k.a. Devin Graham) is quite the extreme film maker. I first noticed him when he did the “world’s largest rope swing.” He consistently posts fun, exciting videos. He has a great eye and makes smart use of GoPro-style cameras. “As far as one-man viral-video auteurs go, Graham is in a league of his own, and Corporate America has taken notice. Graham now gets paid tens of thousands of dollars on top of production costs to place products, from Ford to Kellogg’s to Mountain Dew, in his videos. Kevin Allocca, head of culture and trends at YouTube, says Graham is emblematic ‘of a big change that’s happened in the gatekeeping system of media. A guy like Devin can set up shop in a place like Utah and become a mogul in the entertainment space without needing a giant studio,’ ” explains an article in the March 2014 Outside magazine.

He latest, shot in Dubai, is a fun romp through the air.

For more on him, check out more from the Outside magazine article and check out his YouTube channel.

Video: ‘Spirit Canoe’

A great video from Symbols of the West, “Spirit Canoe” is a “mystic journey of a man who is in search of himself and navigating through a passage with the memories of his once self and a special figure who lingers in his soul. He is setting out on a quest, armed with his old map and small canoe, to venture the river in hopes that a new path will reveal a novel future, unfamiliar and restoring. This is a story of the spiritual compass that no one can ever expect to understand; it’s powers, it’s unknown.”

The scenery is wonderful, with beautiful mountains and streams. Give it a watch.

Video: A week in the desert

Follow along as the gang from Mammoth Media go on a week-long trip through the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

I’ve been to the Grand Canyon once, and Wife of Mine and I visited Arches, Zion, Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands just after we got hitched. It is a beautiful part of the country and this video captures it well — and it looks like they had a ton of fun, too.

(Mammoth Media on Vimeo)

Video: Best in Snow

“Really enjoy the now. You have to.”

Skiers. Pups. The backcountry. A great mix documented in episode three of the Tiny House Tour.

Our four-legged friends are often our best friends and there is no better place to be with them than outside.

So watch the video then grab your beast and head out … even if it is just for a nice walk around your neighborhood.

“They’re Saint Bernards, Labs, Retrievers, Australian Shep[he]rds, Poodles, mutts, and everything in between. They’re big and small with long hair, short hair, tails, and no tails. And no matter what they are, they love you. They adore skiers and snowboarders because they appreciate a day in the mountains just as much as we do. They’re keen to burrow in the snow and play with friends. They enjoy charging downhill with gravity as their ally and a night spent in the parking lot waiting to charge out the door in the morning to see how much snow has fallen overnight. The relationship between humans and dogs has never been as good as between snow-lovers and these four-legged friends.”

Video: Ice pillar snaps with climber on it

Epic TV has been running a series called Sub-Zero about the sport and art of ice climbing. Filmmaker Lukasz Warzecha works with four of the sport’s most respected climbers — John Freeman, Will Gadd, Gordon McArthur and Raphael Slawinski — as they push the limits of the sport and discuss why they climb ice.

In the episode just posted, Canadian ice climber and mountain climber John Freeman recounts when things went very wrong on a climb two years ago. Check out the footage for yourself and then watch the other episodes.