Video: Best in Snow

“Really enjoy the now. You have to.”

Skiers. Pups. The backcountry. A great mix documented in episode three of the Tiny House Tour.

Our four-legged friends are often our best friends and there is no better place to be with them than outside.

So watch the video then grab your beast and head out … even if it is just for a nice walk around your neighborhood.

“They’re Saint Bernards, Labs, Retrievers, Australian Shep[he]rds, Poodles, mutts, and everything in between. They’re big and small with long hair, short hair, tails, and no tails. And no matter what they are, they love you. They adore skiers and snowboarders because they appreciate a day in the mountains just as much as we do. They’re keen to burrow in the snow and play with friends. They enjoy charging downhill with gravity as their ally and a night spent in the parking lot waiting to charge out the door in the morning to see how much snow has fallen overnight. The relationship between humans and dogs has never been as good as between snow-lovers and these four-legged friends.”