Video: The trailer for ‘First Light’

Two thumbs way up!

“It’s visionary. It’s truly on the edge of what we could call climbing,” says Arc’Teryx athlete Jesse Huey. “You can train for the Karakoram, for Alaska, but nothing can prepare you for this.” This winter, Huey and his team of elite alpine climbers will journey to the roof of the world. When darkness falls, there will be light. Happy Holidays.


Finding the brilliant moment

“Your story begins here, but where it leads — its twists, its turns — that will be up to you. All your preparations, the early mornings, the later nights, will lead you to a place you only imagined.”

Mountain Hardwear and Duct Tape The Beer have a new video release reminding all of us that the work we do to prepare for new experiences is amply rewarded when we get out there.

Give it a watch then post your moment at #thebrilliantmoment.

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Weekend Inspiration: ‘The Road from Karakol’

Tagline: When the road ends, will you keep going?

This is one of the best videos I have seen in a while. A winner at the 5Point Film Festival, “The Road from Karakol” documents a journey by Kyle Dempster, a two-time Piolets d’Or award-winning alpinist, to Kyrgyzstan in 2011 by bicycle. During the solo journey he also did some climbing in the surrounding ranges.

The film grabs you from the opening scene: “Hello! My name’s Kyle, it’s 7 o’clock in the morning, and I’m naked in Kyrgyzstan. You might ask, ‘Kyle, why are you up so early?’ Well, it’s because I have to cross this river and it’s the lowest time during the morning. So, I’m naked, and here we go!” With the water rushing and crashing in the background, you see what it is like to step into the blank spots on maps.